The sound of water

Halvorsen Architects are lucky enough to have water features going into two current projects. Last week I visited one that’s going beside a new hempcrete house outside Dunbar. It will be fed by rainwater from the roof, and form a focus of the garden, visible from the main rooms.

Every stone and piece of moss is considered

I have learned a lot from the designer Michael McQueen of McQueen Landscapes, who is passionate and meticulous about his craft. His attention to detail is impressive – from chipping pieces of stones to look like the water erosion to the strategic positioning of dead branches and moss – everything to make the water features appear as natural as possible.

But the thing that struck me most was the attention to the sound the water makes, especially after having recently read the Washington Post article “Why birds and their songs are good for our mental health”. This client asked for the sound of gentle movement of water but not loud enough to need to raise your voice to be heard. As the Washington Post article says, natural sounds have a beneficial and soothing effect on us, just as mechanical noises such as cars have a detrimental effect.

More ‘noisy’ water features in our urban environments please!

The feature runs near the house for maximum enjoyment


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