Pedestrian Bridge, Gore Glen, Midlothian 2009

Pedestrian Bridge, Gore Glen, Midlothian 2009
structural engineer Stephen Ferrar

contract value £500k

One of the achievments of Gorebridge Community Development Trust and Gorebridge and District Environmental Group is the seven mile Circular Walk around the beautiful coutryside surrounding Gorebridge from wooded glen to stunning views of the rolling hills around.

There is however one short stretch that runs along the busy A7 trunk road in order to cross Gore Weter, a small but fast flowing river. As a director of the Trust, Gail Halvorsen has been trying to raise funds to build a sustainable footbridge across the Water. Halvorsen Architects has diesigned an all timber structure with local engineer, Stephen Ferrrar, who specialises in bridges. We have designed a structure that is made from wood that can be sourced in the surrounding wood and manhandled to site and assembled without the need for any heavy machinery.

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