Georgian house transformation

This project transformed the interior, and especially the lower-ground floor, of a three-storey, grade II Georgian house in Warriston Crescent at the northern end of Edinburgh’s New Town. The goals included bringing light into the heart of the building — which was achieved through the addition of a large new roof-light at the top of the stairwell (three times larger than the previous rooflight), opening up the lower-ground floor and adding a fully-glazed, south-facing extension to the rear of the house. 

The extension has tripled-glazed walls, a zinc roof and large overhangs which stop the room from overheating in summer and enhances its profile. Remodelling the interior of the terraced house was challenging due to building-control constraints; however the installation of a fire suppression sprinkler system throughout the house permitted the removal of more walls than would otherwise have been possible.

This made it possible to surpass the clients’ expectations for a  “simple, light and spacious” open-plan kitchen, dining and living area on the lower-ground level, opening into the garden. Critical to this was the removal of nearly all the walls around the lower stairwell.

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