House in area of outstanding natural beauty, Midlothian

House in area of outstanding natural beauty, Midlothian

client private

engineer CRA Ltd.

contract value £300,000

area 140 sq. m.

The client wants a family house for a stockman in an area of outstanding beauty overlooking Crichton Castle. There are several contradictory requirements that need to be satisfied in the design of the house.

The house needs to be physically near the cattle that the stockman looks after, but on the other hand needs to feel removed from the workings of the farm and provide privacy from the farm. Also the client wants to optimize the stunning views towards Crichton Castle while at the same time minimising the impact of the new house as seen from Crichton Castle, a popular historic monument. Midlothian Council therefore asked for a house that looks like a one and a half storey traditional farmhouse in volume but also encouraged us to use a modern take for the window design.

The interior has an open and flexible layout adaptable to different family needs.

The front / public side of the house is sandstone with a meandering stone wall leading to the front entrance from the access road. This façade is North facing with few windows. The back of the house is the private side, with the views and facing South. It is timber clad and has much larger windows.

The first floor is tucked in under the eaves getting light from a traditional farm style roof light and from large windows at the two gable ends, thus avoiding breaking the integrity of the roof.

Planning permission has been granted for the house.

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