The New House, Buckinghamshire

The New House, Buckinghamshire

The New House, 1992-94, Amersham, Buckinghamshire

client private

engineer Whitby and Bird Engineers

contract value £375,000

area 380 sq m

The client asked for a modern house that would benefit from its position in the Chiltern Hills. The relationship between inside and outside was of primary importance in the design. One enters the house through a glass ‘slit’ into an integral brick paved courtyard naturally lit from the glazed roof above. Views to the outside range from a sweeping panorama of the Chiltern Hills through the 12m wide and 5m high structural glass rear wall, to small windows framing part of a tree or rooftop of a neighbouring building. The curved copper roof, which partially derives its form from the rolling hills, is supported on innovative laminated timber beams and appears to float over the walls. The house has an indoor swimming pool.

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